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AphexMandelbrot's Fun Depot

"How's it going to end?"

hi, i'm chester - and i'll take you rollerskating
19 November 1982
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I write help files for companies. Then, when you do not read the help files (be it in the box, online, or a melodic combination of both) - you will call into a Customer Service or Technical Support line. From this point forward, someone else (with varying proficiency in the English language) will read my help file to you (with or without various regional accents). Depending on the company that the call center contract was sourced to, the extent of what they (care to) know about [insert problem/solution/terms/technicality here] may be whatever is put in there for them to read. GameTap and Helio are my current projects.

When I grow up, I will be a music journalist. Sadly, "when I grow up" isn't that terribly far away semester-wise (;or approaching a quarter of a century on this earth, age-wise). The non-stop action of writing help files in a mind-numbing corporate environment and classes do not take up all of my time, allowing me a tiny fraction of a second to take pretty pictures and write dumb opinions and interviews of music and musicians.

LiveJournal is pretty much where I put content. Yes, I am aware of the credibility loss that comes with a medium that also conveniently contains homoerotic Harry Potter fan-fiction - but when I registered the domains for the account, I took DinosaursWearingPartyHats.com, and a typo I don't have access to now prevents me from fixing the fact that it's only viewable in Firefox, not IE (you have no idea how much I shortened that story for you). The point I'm getting at is: with a domain name like that, I find it very hard to maintain that credibility was ever really a crucial concern.

I like the following bands; I tried to put them in the 'interests' section of my profile. Apparently it prefers 150 - which was a few off from my number. Start talking about them, I'm there:

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, +/- (Plus/Minus), 1986, 764-HERO, 4-man bob, A Girl Called Eddy, Actual Tigers, Ryan Adams, Aisler's Set, The Album Leaf, Alice Despard Group, Lisa Alice, All Girl Summer Fun Band, All Time Quarterback, Aloha, Aluminum Group, The American Analog Set, American Music Club, American Werewolf Academy, Amusement Parks On Fire, Mike Andrews, Animal Collective, Keren Ann, Antony &; The Johnsons, Apostle of Hustle, The Apples in Stereo, The Appleseed Cast, Aqueduct, Arcade Fire, Archers Of Loaf, Architecture In Helsinki, Arctic Monkeys, Aroah, Astropop 3, Athlete, Au Revoir Simone, Ryan Auffenberg, August Anchor, Austin Newcomers, Avoidance Theory, Azure Ray, Badly Drawn Boy, Jason Bajada, Band of Horses, Devendra Banhart, Barenaked Ladies, Basement Apartment, The Bats, BC Camplight, Bears, The Beatifics, The Beatings, Howie Beck, Bedhead, Beezewax, Beirut, Belle And Sebastian, The Belles, Beta Band, Bettie Serveert, Between the Pine, Beulah, The Bikini Carwash Company, Andrew Bird, Birdmonster, The Bishop Invaders, Gus Black, The Black Heart Procession, Blake Babies, Bloc Party, Blonde Redhead, Blood On The Tracks, BOAT, The Books, The Botticellis, Boy Least Likely To, Boyracer, Boys' Star Library, Boyskout, Brakes, Bright Eyes, Brightblack Morning Light, British Sea Power, Broadcast, Broken Social Scene, Brookville, Jeff Buckley, Built Like Alaska, Built To Spill, Burnside Project, Calexico, California Oranges, Call And Response, Call Florence Pow, Calla, Camera Obscura, The Capitol Years, Carte Blanche, Casiotone (For the Painfully Alone), Cat Power, Celebration, Centro-Matic, Charmparticles, Chemistry Set, Chow Chow, Cinerama, Citizens Here and Abroad, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, The Classic Brown, Clearlake, The Clientele, Clinic, Cloud Cult, Cloud Room, Clue To Kalo, The Coctails, Cocteau Twins, Cold War Kids, Jason Collett, The Color Bars, Columbus, Communique, The Concretes, Constantines, Contrail, Copeland, Cornelius, Cosigner, Benji Cossa, The Couriers, The Court &; Spark, Creeper Lagoon, Crestview Trust, Rob Crow, Cursive, The Curtain Society, Danielson, The Davenports, Dealership, The Dears, Death Cab For Cutie, Death From Above 1979, Death Ships, The Deathray Davies, The Debutantes, The Decemberists, Decibully, The Decoration, Deerhoof, Deleted Scenes, The Delgados, DeVotchKa, Dinosaur Jr., Dios Malos, Dirtmitts, Dirty on Purpose, Dirty Three, Dismemberment Plan, Ditty Bops, Division Day, Do Make Say Think, Dodo Bird, The Doleful Lions, Dogs Die In Hot Cars, The Double, The Doves, Dressy Bessy, The Dudes, Dungen, The Duke Spirit, Dynah, Eagle Seagull, Earlimart, Early Day Miners, East River Pipe, The Ebb and Flow, The Editors, The Eels, Eighteenth Day Of May, Mark Eitzel, El Hijo, El Ten Eleven, Ela, Elbow, The Elected, Electrelane, Elefant, Elephants, Elephone, Elf Power, Engineers, Enon, The Evening, The Evening Episode, Every Move a Picture, Ex-Boyfriends, The Fall, Jay Farrar, Fairburn Royals, Feist, Field Mice, Field Music, The Fiery Furnaces, Film School, Neil Finn, Tommy Flake, Flake Music, The Flaming Lips, The Floor, Fojimoto, The Folk Implosion, Foma, Fortywatt, Fountains of Wayne, Four Fifty One, The Frames, Francine, Ad Frank &; The Fast Easy Women, Franz Ferdinand, The Frenchmen, Friends Like These, Frog Eyes, From Bubblegum To Sky, Edith Frost, Fruit Bats, The Futureheads, Gabardine, Galaxie 500, Gaze, Inara George, Georgie James, The Gerbils, Giant Drag, Giant Sand, Benjamin Gibbard, The Glasses, Go Sailor, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Gogogo Airheart, The Golden Dogs, Golden Seals, Holly Golightly, Jose Gonzalez, The Good Life, The Gothic Archies, Grandaddy, Great Lake Swimmers, Sonya Greta, The Guest Bedroom, Guided By Voices, The Gypsy Moths, The Hang Ups, Jeff Hanson, Daniel G.Harmann, Harry Hunks, Juliana Hatfield, Billy Harvey, PJ Harvey, The Hazzards, Imogen Heap, Heatmiser, The Heavenly States, Helio Sequence, Her Space Holiday, The Herms, Heroes &; Villains, Kristin Hersh, Hexes and Ohs, Hidden Cameras, The High Strung, The Hold Steady, Holopaw, Hood, Hot Little Rocket, Housewife, Hsker D, Hypercycle, I Am Kloot, I Am Robot And Proud, IKO, I Love Math, I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness, Idlewild, Ill Lit, Ing, The Innocence Mission, Inouk, The iOs, Interpol, Invisible Cities, Iron and Wine, Irving, Islands, IV Thieves, Ivory Library, Ivy, The Jane Anchor, Jawbox, Jets To Brazil, Jets Overhead, Jim Yoshi Pile-Up, The Joggers, Freedy Johnston, Milo Jones, June of 44, June Panic, Junior Panthers, Damien Jurado, Karate, Kaiser Chiefs, Andrew Kenny, David Kilgour, Kind of Like Spitting, Kings of Convenience, Kings Of Leon, Kingsbury Manx, Kiss Me Deadly, The Kooks, Mark Kozelek, Lab Partners, Ladytron, Lahayna, Laika, Lambchop, Land of Talk, Dawn Landes, The Lashes, LD &; The New Criticism, Lear, Jens Lekman, Lemon Sun, Sondre Lerche, Les Sans Culottes, Les Savy Fav, Lessick, Jenny Lewis With The Watson Twins, Linus The Band, Lionheart Brothers, The Little Ones, Little Pink, The Living Blue, Lois, Long Division, Meric Long, The Long Winters, Loquat, Loose Fur, Love Is All, Love Is Chemicals, Love Like Fire, Love Story, The Love X Nowhere, The Lovemakers, Low, Lowgold, The Lucksmiths, Luna, Lush, Maarten, David Macleod, Madelia, The Magic Numbers, Magnet, Magnetic Fields, Magneto, Magnolia Electric Co., Jeff Magnum, Mahoghany, The Main Frame, Stephen Malkmus (and the Jicks), Man Man, Barbara Manning, Milton Mapes, Augie March, Marigold, Maroons, Craig Marshall, Martian Memo To God, Marzipan, Masters of the Hemisphere, Mates of State, Matt Pond PA, Mazarin, Mazzy Star, Finian McKean, Rose Melberg, Mellowdrone, Metric, Mice Parade, Malcolm Middleton, Midlake, Midnight Movies, Military Junior, Takako Minekawa, Minipop, Minotaur Shock, Minus the Bear, Mission of Burma, Mittens, Modest Mouse, Mogwai, Mojave 3, Monuments, The Morning Benders, Morningwood, The Mosquitos, The Most Serene Republic, The Mountain Goats, Mt. Egypt, Mudhoney, The Muffs, Alexi Murdoch, My Favorite, My Morning Jacket, Mystery Jets, Nada Surf, Name Followed By Number, The National, The Natural History, Nedelle, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Never, The New Amsterdams, New Buffalo, The New Fidelity, New Pornographers, The New Trust, The New Year, A. C. Newman, Joanna Newsom, n.Lannon, Nine Black Alps, No. 2, A Northern Chorus, The Notwist, Nous Nos Plus, Now It's Overhead, Jennifer O'Connor, Oceansize, The October, Of Montreal, Henning Ohlenbusch, Okkervil River, Olivia Tremor Control, On The Speakers, The Open, Oppenheimer, Oranger, Oranges Band, Orenda Fink, Oxford Collapse, Paco, Palace / Bonnie Prince Billy, The Oxford Set, Palaxy Tracks, The Pale Pacific, Papas Fritas, The Paper Chase, Park Police, Brandon Patton, Pavement, Permanent Daylight, Perth, Liz Phair, The Pilot Light, Pinback, Pink Nasty, The Pixies, The Plagiarists, Point Juncture WA, Polara, Pompeii, Pono, Pony Boy, Poole, Portastatic, The Posies, The Postal Service, The Postmarks, Sam Prekop, Prescott Curlywolf, Preston School Of Industry, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Private Eleanor, The Prom, Keith Pyle, Quasi, The Quiet Company, The Radio Dept., Rainer Maria, The Rakes, The Rapture, Ratatat, Razorlight, The Receiver, Red House Painters, Red Telephone, Red_Letter_Agent, Refree, Regia, The Reindeer Section, Rex, Rhesus, Rilo Kiley, The Rinse, Rogue Wave, Roman Candles, The Ropes, Josh Rouse, Rubyhorse, The Rum Diary, Saloon, The Sammies, Santa Dog, Say Hi To Your Mom, School For The Dead, Mark Schwaber, Scissors For Lefty, Scrabbel, The Sea and Cake, Seachange, Searay, Seam, Sebadoh, Sebastien Schuller, Seely, The Seldon Plan, Send For Help, Serene Lakes, She Sir, The Sheds, Shimmer Kids UnderPop Association, The Shins, Shipping News, Sholi, Shout Out Louds, Show Me State, Shrimp Boat, Sianspheric, The Sights, Silent Gray, Silver Jews, Silver Sun, Silversun Pickups, Simple., Sing-Sing, The Skirts, Sleater-Kinney, Sloan, Slowreader, Elliott Smith, The Smiths, Snow Patrol, Snowden, Society of Rockets, The Softies, Some Action, Some Girls, Son, Ambulance, Sonic Youth, Sons &; Daughters, Sorta, Sound Team, South, Space Mtn, Spanish for 100, Sparrow House, The Spinanes, The Spinto Band, Spoon, Sputnik, Spy Island, The Standard, Starlight Drive, Starlight Mints, Stars, Stars Of Stage And Screen, Stereolab, Sufjan Stevens, The Stills, Kelley Stoltz, Ken Stringfellow, The Subways, The Sugarcubes, Sun Kil Moon, Sunny Day Real Estate, Superchunk, Swell, Swervedriver, Swirlies, The Swords Project, Tahiti 80, The Talk, The Tall Boy, Tapes 'n Tapes, Tea For Julie, Ted Leo &; The Pharmacists, Teenage Prayers, Tegan &; Sara, Th' Faith Healers, Thirteen Senses, Rosie Thomas, Track A Tiger, Troubled Hubble, Three Mile Pilot, Throwing Muses, Tiger Trap, Tigerella, Tilly &; the Wall, Katie Todd, Tortoise, Toshack Highway, Track Star, Trans Am , Trash Can Sinatras, Travis, Treepeople, Trembling Blue Stars, Tremulous Monk, Tullycraft, Tulsa Drone , TV on the Radio, The Twin Atlas, Two Gallants, The Unicorns, Unisex, John Vanderslice, Chad VanGaalen, Veda, Tom Vek, Velocity Girl, The Velvet Teen, Venus Hum, Versus, Vervein, Vetiver, Via Audio, Victory at Sea, The Vinyl Skyway, Vitamin-D, Voxtrot, The Walkmen, Walt Mink, The Wannadies, The Washdown, We Are Scientists, Weakerthans, The Wedding Present, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Whiskeytown, The White Stripes, White Whale, Whysall Lane, Wilco, Winechuggers, Wolf Parade, Wormburner, The Wrens, Yellow Fever, Yo La Tengo, Thom Yorke, You Am I, Youth Group, The Zephyrs, z!4k45 (Ziakas), The Zim-Zims

a minor forest, acting as a door-mat, add n to x, alkaline trio, american analogue set, anti-700 club, anti-hate, aphex twin, arrl, autechre, avoiding confrontation, avoiding dental pain, baltimore, being longwinded, being redundant, being tall, being walked on, blue man group, boards of canada, bogdan raczynski, bringing out the dead, built2spill, burning man, but i love mothar, caustic window, ccr, cex, chaos theory, cigarettes, cowboy hat!, creating anew, crosby-stills-nash-and-young, dawn of the dead, deep breaths, depression, disappearing, dr. tran, ducking into buildings, eleventh dream day, flying saucer attack, forest green, frank zappa, friggin smurfs, garbage, ghosts and vodka, godspeed you black emperor, gwei-lo, ham radio, happy-time harry, hubert cumberdale, hugh blumenfeld, idm, intelligent dance music, interpol, isotope 217, james taylor, japancakes, jeremy fisher, jim morrison, john digweed, june of 44, kid 606, king crimson, kings of convenience, knocking sense into people, le tigre, letters to cleo, low, lurk, macha loved bedhead, majory-stewert baxter, mazinga phazer, mike and rich, moby, modest mouse, mogwai, moog cookbook, mouse on mars, mu-ziq, my dumb art, nick drake, nine inch nails, non-linear mathmatics, orbital, paul oakenfold, pie, pink floyd, plaid, poison drinker, polygon window, post rock, purity, quicksilver messenger service, rephlex, rumah sakit, salad fingers, scorpios, self-loathing, self-rejection, shapeshifting, sin, sonic youth, spirit, talking too much, that dog, the braindance coincidence, the breeders, the doors, the moon stealing project, the occasional joint, the sea and cake, the toadies, tomorrow's world, tortoise, veruca salt, white stripes, your mom