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signals home stranded, as well turn, turn, turn who? This is everything; right now. \\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\ ////////// //////////
AphexMandelbrot's Fun Depot
"How's it going to end?"

laid back

laid back

laid back, i'll give you laid back

over and over and over and over and over

like a monkey with a miniature cymbal

the joy of repetition really is in you

under and under and under and under and under

the smell of repetition really is on you

and when you look this way i really am with you

started thinking about what i to have to do (tell you)

i got to thinking that i mean just what you do (tell you)

started thinking about what i to have to do (tell you, tell you, tell you, tell you)




Signal mothership



Among those who suffered the effects of war was a young Polish girl named Teresa, who lost lost her entire family during WWII. While staying in a concentration camp, she drew an unrecognizable image of chaos on the blackboard. When asked what her drawing was of, she replied “Home”.



September 4, 1957. Dorthy Counts, one of the first black students to enter the newly desegregated Harry Harding High School walks to class. Reporters and photographers bore witness and recorded the violence that erupted when she showed up for her first day at the formerly all-white school. People threw rocks and screamed, “Go back where you came from”. Four days later, after a string of abuses, Dorthy’s family withdrew her from the school.



On 15 August 1961 he found himself, aged 19, guarding the Berlin Wall, then in its third day of construction, at the corner of Ruppinerstrae and Bernauerstrae. At that stage of construction, the Berlin Wall was only a low barbed wire fence. As the people on the Western side shouted “Komm raber”! (”come over”), Schumann jumped the barbed wire and was driven away at high speeds by a waiting West Berlin police car.




Signal mothership

This is my final post before leaving.


If I get lost, do not fear. I have a GPS and an directional GSM devices to point me in a direction.


If I fall, I guess I’ll get back up because this isn’t over.


If I get hurt, this one time all of my teeth fell out. I’ve experienced worse.


If I do not pass because of this, at least I’ll have done something with my life. Once.


If little comes out of this, I’ll take pictures so that those after me find more information than I found. And I’ll meta tag it.


If I somehow manage to die -


Please let it always be remembered -


I did this for credit in a class.




Fun Depot will be closed until the weekend for Personal Adjustment.

Please make your final purchases and thank you for shopping Fun Depot.


(also, all posts are now crossposted at Dinosaurs Wearing Party Hats – with all previous posts pending import when I get back. LJ-previous-post-integration has come a long way since the last time DWPH was up and running. In addendum, considering the name of this journal for the past 6 years – all related domains intended to be used for the Fun Depot brand have now been squatted. I have a very funny idea involving my plans for the future. I do not know if it will work – but it is an interesting idea. Not new or anything – just very depending on taking photos and going places. It is just a thought. Either way, Fun Depot will be involved in this – with DWPH at the hub. Fun Depot domains should be up shortly after I return.)

3 lonesome aliens - Signal mothership



None of this should be new to you – however if you have the question that I cleverly satirized in the title (using ample amounts of my endless wit to construct), we may need to touch base briefly. If you have already adjusted your News Feed Privacy settings and Application settings – move on. Find a video of a cat or something. Add some text to that image; Impact Font it up a little. The rest of you – please stay.


If you are still here – you probably already do not use Facebook in a correct manner. I can’t really fix that, but I can fix your Privacy issue and it will take less than two or three minutes. I will even post pretty pictures in between the paragraphs to hold your interest. You find me a better deal in town.

See? You can’t.


By the end of this you should:

  • Know how to control what you broadcast on your wall and on other people’s News Feed page.
  • Find Social Ads kind of creepy.
  • Be aware of what information applications have access to and how to adjust that.
  • Want a Pony. And that “Block Application > Ignore” – but that is the one thing you were probably already doing.


If you suddenly - just now - came to the realization that conversations between walls with friends in the same network have been broadcast to connections within the network (“i dont like that everyone sees what i do”) – oh dear me a hyperlinks!1 – oh noes look what i did. i dropped the link where you change that. my bad.


Hey, you know the ads on the right-hand side of the page that say something like, “Your friend (x) is interested in (y): click here to buy Socks with Sandals Fratterpop Artist by Socks-with-Sandals Fratterpop Artist from Indiscriminate Records”? You are aware that, for other users within your linked network, you appear in those ads occasionally… right? Based on your interests listed and if a sponsor is paying. You may not have agreed to this – but you did not disagree to it when your opinion was asked. Oh look. You can can change that here.



Want to see how many applications will never bug you again in a big list?

You can see your list by mousing-over “Settings” and clicking “Privacy”, then selecting “Applications”, and finally selecting the “Settings” tab.
Or click here because you are lazy.

The top portion is the information that Applications are allowed to access about you.
Below that is a list of applications that you will never be bothered over again.


But, I’d totally trust the makers of “Hot Nude Chicks” with my work history and contact information.



Here is what my blocked list looks like.


You are right -

It does look like Zen.


#Friends For Sale!  
#Mob Wars  
#irthday Greeting  
#My House  
#Pimp Fight  
#Texas HoldEm Poker
#Plane Crazy
#Are You Actually In Love? 
#I Drink. Therefore I Am.
#Send Smurfs  
#Hotties For Sale!  
#You're a Hottie
#Funnest Person Contest  
#My Heroes Ability  
#Hangman Tournament 
#Speed Racing  
#Ghost Racer  
#Fleet Command 
#Pet Pupz  
#Take Care  
#Dope Wars  
#BBQ Fight!  
#(Lil) Green Patch  
#SpeedDate (Formerly Kiss Me) 
#Social Me 
#Star Wars Figures  
#Bumper Sticker  
#Space Fight! 
#Send Disney Princess  
#Meet New People 
#My Fairyland  
#Hatching Pets 
#Ty Beanie gifts 2nd edition 
#Be a Billionaire!  
#Friend Hug  
#Friend Stock 
#Battle of the Bands 
#The Dot Game 
#Pink Ribbon 
#Sum More Cute Stuffs 
#Click to Give - The Hunger Site App 
#Are YOU Famous? 
#Birthday Cards 
#Hot Nude Chicks 
#Rise of the Rebellion
#Friends Oscars
#Slide FunSpace 
#Sexy Friends  
#Coolest Person Contest 
#You Make Me Smile 
#Pull Tabs 
#Most Trusted Friends! 
#Naughty Friends 
#Pirate Treasure Hunt 
#Send a Smile 
#Sea Garden  
#The cutest of gifts  
#Good Morning 
#Peel a Meal  
#Monty Python Gifts! 
#Brimmies Super Cups 
#Send Funky Flowers 
#What Greek philosopher are you? 
#Super Slot Machines  
#Gangster Battle! 
#Seduction For Sale! 
#Who's Thinking about You? 
#Food Fling!  
#Drinks for Friends  
#Regalos Subjetivos 
#Bar Fight!  
#Anime Fight  
#Might of Many  
#Pucca Luv 
#Naughty Cocktails 
#Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures  
#Pillow Fight  
#Maffia New  
#Guerre des gangs 
#Tuner Car Racer 
#Space Raiders  
#Forever Friends Bears 
#Best Friend Contest  
#Pop The Top To Win 
#Send Coffee
#ConQUIZtador Trivia Strategy Game 
#Quel Bisounours êtes-vous ?? 
#Send Good Karma 
#Romance Me 
#Send Love 
#Which 80s movie defines you? 
#Rosh Hashana Cards 
#Chanel Gifts ? 
#The Political Compass 
#Do you think...?  
#Kiss Me  
#We Love Chickens
#Which Indian Chief Are You? 
#Dancing Bananas  
#Funny Billboards
#Fantasy Siege War  
#Collect Kisses 
#Gifts 2 adore 
#Mini Greetings
#ViP Club$ 
#Send Roses 
#(Lil) Blue Cove 
#Party King 
#Swarovski crystal 
#Guardian Angels
#Pirates: Rule the Caribbean! 
#Sexy Chocolate
#Collect Hearts 
#African Safari  
#You're Sexy 
#Show your Love 
#Send A Stripper  
#is cool by cafe.com 
#Hindu Gods and Goddesses 
#Intelectuales to go 
#My Xmas Stockings
#Love From Nature ?  
#Send Christmas Trees 
#Mafia Wars 
#Vampire Wars  
#Teddie X'Mas~!!! 
#How slutty are you? 
#Hatching Eggs 
#Punk Rock!  
#Hug Me  
#X-Men Character 
#Friendship Day Wishes
#(Lil) Green Society  
#New Year Celebration 2009 (Yilbasi Sepeti) 
#Blow A Kiss  
#Happy New Year 2009!  
#Have a cup of tea! 
#Love Cheers 
#Bowling Buddies
#Hammerfall RPG 
#Wine Anyone?
#Travel Buddies  
#Fine Wines 
#Rapitore Seriale 
#"Horror Movies, Maniacs, Monsters and Heroes" 
#Illuminati icons 
#World War
#The Pharmacy Counter
#Absolutely Gorgeous Frangipani Flowers 
#Dragon Wars 
#Save the Planet  
#Special Forces 
#Best Friends 
#Straight from the heart... 
#Beer !!! 
#Jackpot Slot Machines 
#Vampire Love 
#Be A Tycoon 
#I Love American History 
#Street Racing



While you are at it, trim your applications.

This is not Alabama and your profile is not your lawn.

If we are in disagreement on the previous sentence - there is a high probability that you may also find offense in “Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts”. So that makes twice - in a row, no less.


This will not fix the ugly; but the utilization of these previously existent – but now much more relevant – options will hopefully make you suck less at The Facebooks.

3 lonesome aliens - Signal mothership

U.S. Economy Shrank 6.2% Last Quarter, Most Since ’82

“Feb. 27 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. economy shrank in the fourth quarter at a faster pace than previously estimated as consumer spending plunged, companies cut inventories and exports sank.

Gross domestic product contracted at a 6.2 percent annual pace from October through December, more than economists anticipated and the most since 1982, according to revised figures from the Commerce Department today in Washington. Consumer spending, which comprises about 70 percent of the economy, declined at the fastest pace in almost three decades.


GDP was projected to contract at a 5.4 percent annual pace last quarter, according to the median estimate of 74 economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Forecasts ranged from declines of 3.8 percent to 6 percent.

The 2.4 percentage-point revision was almost five times as large as the average adjustment, Commerce said. “


one way.


or another.


i’m going to find you.


i’m gunna getcha getcha getcha getcha


Signal mothership

It Is Time.



Those Q4’s I keep raving about like a madman?

Friday is the drop day for a large (large) chunk of businesses to post Q4 reports.

There is talk of a loss over the previous quarter of up to 50%, on average, for S&P companies.

And there is talk of “it’s just going to be kind of a rough quarter”.

You tell me which train of thought has been more accurate in the past year.

I’m not sayin’; I’m just sayin’.

This Friday. Bloomberg.com. Fucking be there.


165–Point Bank Shot


Another bank fell.

1st Centennial Bank of CA.

Wouldn’t it be cool if I could refer to some sort of… list – where the names of problem banks were all listed? What? I posted that a few weeks ago? Huh. What was their rating? 165? Huh. In the top 50 of “over 100” banks? Huh. Well. On the ball, I guess. I can not believe LewRockwell actually provided a very valuable set of Texas Ratios of the banks. This proves that sometimes even the worst sources can have a gem. Sometimes.

Considering that it was at the mid-to-low end of that Top 50, there are (potentially) still several other banks that are really just tap-dancing right now to impress people. When they get tired, they will fall over. Probably. Unless they are super special. Or fucked enough to pull a “too big to fail”. Or can find a way to tap the loan window. Or beg for the “last part” of the “$350 billion”. See what I did there? I made a witty by putting quot– oh, you did notice that. Ok.


Pennies for Quarters


December 28th – Today; I have heard the ground below shake. The returns overseas. How much companies that should be shipping product over here are posting for losses. The surplus sitting at the docks. The holiday spending reports.

Did you know that the only thing that will make this look better is the Christmas spending – and that really didn’t happen so much? How about all those people that are now with me on the post that I was unsure enough to hide to Friends Only? About the unemployment numbers being skewed due to what is considered Unemployment and the Birth-Death ratio? I’ve seen others nodding their heads now.

So, what will the market do then?

Good question.


Option one is a painful Friday that forces the president, with new Treasury Secretary, in front of people for a press conference on what is going to be done. That may assist in preventing what would otherwise be a bloodbath. Each time a Q-day rolls around that covers a number of sectors, things react in proportion. By month doesn’t matter as much – I’d guess because the market is parabolic right now. Monthlies still allow for some room for things to be manic – quarters don’t. Quarters are like monthlies, but more. One might even say three times more.

Or we could spin the fuck out of control, seeing several hundred points of loss in a pumped-volume day. I don’t believe all of the volume is gone, as I heard someone say today. Volume is gone when stock is gone; saying volume is gone when stock still exists is like saying you are out of milk when you still have half a gallon left.

Then again, maybe people already saw the losses on their way and got out if they wanted out. I don’t believe that, but it isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Or, comedy option, we will have a mix day with little gain – or go manic and have a slight gain.

So, I just said that things will either – be really bad, Pres. O will come on and say “chill the fuck out” and it will still be bad but if could be worse; that it will be bad, then worse, then emo; that it will be flatline; or that it will go up. I hope that clears up my prediction there. Way down or something else. Or not. Or maybe.

El jaleo

I hardly remember paying enough attention to watch the circuit breakers switch on – maybe that will happen. If that happens – words from the president around the break. If not – god it’s going to be a battle out there. If pressed, I think it will be a circuit-breaker day. That’s just my dumb opinion. Now that I’ve typed it out, it will promptly be proven wrong. The words “market optimism in the face of …” will probably be used in the reports that contradict it when it doesn’t happen.


Or -


We could do it the hard way.

Signal mothership

If you don't read with this song, or you don't know TV on the Radio's "DirtyWhirl" - you are missing out.


Oh there is a murderess amongst us
Her love is a violent spiral
Hurling in upon us, conjured up
At the birth of the world


Durga is a dancer
Mindless questions find no answers
Slicing through the ether
Yeah she's gleaming like mother of pearl


Dirty little whirlwind
Commander, controller
I found you
Dirty little whirlwind
I am pinned by the heat of your swirl
Dirty little whirlwind
Defender, destroyer
I found you
Dirty little whirlwind
Tangled up in the flesh of a girl


Oh you could curl up beside me
The spark in your eyes belies the apocalypse inside you
Twisting the pits from the particle
Skull can't save face


So shake the shame from it
Burn me up inside you
Let me churn in your furnace of whirl
Dirty little whirlwind
Commander, controller
I found you
Dirty little whirlwind
I am pinned by the heat of your swirl
Dirty little whirlwind
Defender, destroyer
I found you
Dirty little whirlwind
All caught up in the flesh of a girl


All that I ever wanted to be was destroyed at sea
Hurricane rescued me salvaged calamity
Do not delay we stood in place for it
Turn me up inside you
Up and into the heart of your world



Signal mothership

Things you may have missed today:


Citigroup Reports $8.3 Billion Loss, Splits Into Two

Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Citigroup Inc. posted an $8.29 billion loss, twice as much as analysts estimated, and said it will split in two under Chief Executive Officer Vikram Pandit’s plan to rebuild a capital base eroded by the credit crisis.

Citigroup rose 4 percent in New York trading after tumbling 43 percent this year through yesterday. Pandit will undo the legacy of former CEO Sanford “Sandy” Weill by creating Citicorp to house the New York-based company’s global bank, and Citi Holdings, for “non-core” assets, including those guaranteed by the U.S. government.



Hey, I wonder how BoA did after buying up Merryl with the bailout mon-…


Bank of America Posts Quarterly Loss After Bailout

Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Corp., the largest U.S. bank by assets, posted its first loss since 1991 and cut the dividend to a penny after receiving emergency government funds to support the acquisition of Merrill Lynch & Co.

The fourth-quarter loss of $1.79 billion, or 48 cents a share, compared with net income of $268 million, or 5 cents, a year earlier, the Charlotte, North Carolina-based company said in a statement today. Results exclude $15.3 billion in losses at Merrill, which was acquired earlier this month.


oh; i see.


U.S. Consumer Price Gains Slow to 0.1% Annual Pace

Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- The cost of living in the U.S. fell in December as the recession deepened, capping the smallest annual gain in a half century.

Americans paid 0.1 percent more for goods and services in 2008, the Labor Department said today in Washington. Consumer prices fell 0.7 percent in December after dropping 1.7 percent the prior month. Excluding food and energy, costs were unchanged.


Well, at least the unemployment numbers aren’t exponentially rising by 50,000+ a wee-


U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose to 524,000 Last Week

Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- First-time claims for U.S. unemployment benefits last week rose more than forecast, signaling companies stepped up the pace of firings at the start of the year.

Initial jobless claims jumped by 54,000 to 524,000 in the week that ended Jan. 10, from a revised 470,000 the prior week, the Labor Department said today in Washington. The total number of people collecting benefits decreased from a 26-year high.


Close will be down after an initial gain.

Fall will begin mid-day.

1 lonesome alien - Signal mothership

Here are the next banks to fail.


100 * ((Non-performing Assets - U.S guaranteed loans) + Other REO) / (Equity + Loss Reserves)


“Developed by Gerard Cassidy, the Texas ratio is a measure of a bank's credit troubles. Basically, the higher the ratio, the worse the situation is for that particular bank. Banks with a ratio of 100 and higher are in very serious danger of collapse, and banks with a ratio of 50 or higher are vulnerable.”


Suburban Federal Savings Bank Crofton MD  495
Magnet Bank Salt Lake City UT  385
Alpha Bank & Trust Alpharetta GA 382
PFF Bank & Trust Pomona CA  350
The Community Bank Loganville GA  350
Ocala National Bank Ocala FL 235,871 344
Eastern Savings Bank, FSB Hunt Valley MD  293
Citizens Community Bank Ridgewood NJ 281
FirstCity Bank Stockbridge GA 281
FirstBank Financial Services Mcdonough GA  280
First Security National Bank Norcross GA  273
First Georgia Community Bank Jackson GA  270
Federal Trust Bank Sanford FL  253
Mesa Bank Mesa AZ  244
Security Pacific Bank Los Angeles CA  240
First State Bank of Altus Altus OK  240
Ebank Atlanta GA  238
Security Bank of Gwinnett County Suwanee GA  234
Community Bank of Lemont Lemont IL  234
Southern Community Bank Fayetteville GA  210
Omni National Bank Atlanta GA  197
Jennings State Bank Spring Grove MN  197
Haven Trust Bank Duluth GA  194
Franklin Bank, S.S.B. Houston TX  193
First Piedmont Bank Winder GA  191
Westsound Bank Bremerton WA  190
Security Bank of North Metro Woodstock GA 181
Neighborhood Community Bank Newnan GA 179
America West Bank Layton UT 179
The State Bank of Lebo Lebo KS  179
Gateway Bank of St. Louis Saint Louis MO 176
Silver Falls Bank Silverton OR  176
Horizon Bank Pine City MN 168
Freedom Bank Bradenton FL  166
1st Centennial Bank Redlands CA165
Riverside Bank of the Gulf Coast Cape Coral FL  165
Security Savings Bank Henderson NV 165
(i can't keep deleting the holdings numbers. it's too many. just look at the last 3 numbers.)
Centennial Bank Ogden UT 208,027 163
Butler Bank Lowell MA 255,206 160
Imperial Savings and Loan Association Martinsville VA 9,848 157
Freedom Bank of Georgia Commerce GA 148,389 157
Platinum Community Bank Rolling Meadows IL 78,541 154
Oakland Commerce Bank Farmington Hills MI 96,224 151
Mainstreet Bank Forest Lake MN 463,595 151
Warren Bank Warren MI 628,074 150
Texas National Bank Mercedes TX 66,917 149
Sun Security Bank Ellington MO 371,044 146
Mutual Bank Harvey IL 1,687,496 145
Heritage Community Bank Glenwood IL 227,612 143
The Gordon Bank Gordon GA 35,606 139
McIntosh Commercial Bank Carrollton GA 370,428 139
American Southern Bank Roswell GA 100,427 136
BANKFIRST Sioux Falls SD 319,968 135
Alliance Bank Culver City CA 1,121,854 134
Westernbank Puerto Rico Mayaguez PR 16,787,748 133
Citizens & Merchants State Bank Douglasville GA 273,262 132
First National Bank of Brookfield Brookfield IL 268,688 131
Central Progressive Bank Lacombe LA 471,422 130
Vineyard Bank, National Association Rancho Cucamonga CA 2,088,977 128
The Peoples Bank Lithonia GA 219,846 125
First Cherokee State Bank Woodstock GA 301,270 121
Bramble Savings Bank Milford OH 50,628 120
Downey Savings and Loan Association, F.A. Newport Beach CA 12,779,371 119
Chestatee State Bank Dawsonville GA 286,137 118
United Security Bank Sparta GA 156,908 118
BankUnited, FSB Coral Gables FL 14,491,800 117
Premier American Bank Miami FL 386,655 116
Century Bank, a Federal Savings Bank Sarasota FL 926,821 116
The Farmers Bank Lincoln NE 18,608 116
Florida Community Bank Immokalee FL 961,940 116
Community Bank of West Georgia Villa Rica GA 203,557 116
Community Capital Bank Jonesboro GA 187,359 114
Community National Bank of Sarasota County Venice FL 104,634 112
The Bank of Macks Creek Macks Creek MO 29,495 112
Peoples First Community Bank Panama City FL 1,840,711 111
Ocean Bank Miami FL 4,439,070 111
Alliant Bank Sedgwick KS 15,984 111
Family Bank and Trust Co. Palos Hills IL 75,193 110
First National Bank of Griffin Griffin GA 316,401 109
Habersham Bank Clarkesville GA 497,697 109
Bank of Lincolnwood Lincolnwood IL 219,863 108
Oakland Deposit Bank Oakland TN 125,778 108
Bank of Lenox Lenox GA 36,963 106
Integrity Bank Jupiter FL 142,337 105
First Private Bank & Trust Encino CA 585,407 105
Town Center Bank Coppell TX 65,059 104
Michigan Heritage Bank Farmington Hills MI 181,611 103
Farmers & Merchants Bank Lakeland GA 581,555 102
BankCherokee Saint Paul MN 254,074 102
The Tattnall Bank Reidsville GA 71,423 102
Texico State Bank Texico IL 9,494 102
Citizens State Bank New Baltimore MI 197,898 101
Flagship National Bank Bradenton FL 230,615 101
The Bank of Bonifay Bonifay FL 220,249 100

LewRockwell.com rarely posts anything with figures behind them – at least figures that are not speculative. It is much harder to speculate using the Fed’s numbers and a commonly used formula of risk.

Now you know.



2 lonesome aliens - Signal mothership


I stole this from Facebook because having an excess of non-application pushing interwebs friends on FB is pretty awesome. Wide variety of content. Wide list of emotions. Kind of like a social thermometer.

Either way; to hell with the economy. Fuck it.

Here’s the thing I took from FB because it is awesome and you need to see it. Everybody, I feel, will appreciate it.

I present:




Beaker.Collapse )

3 lonesome aliens - Signal mothership